Client Adventure Photos
Out of the Ordinary sends a photo slide show. It is usually emailed 3 to 5 days after the teambuilding adventure. Please call 858 487 3418 with any questions. We will need your program date. The photos below are examples from past programs.

ResMed Techno Scavenger Challenge
Prime Electric Sailing Regatta
Shoe Metro Challenge Course
Hewlett Packard Minute to Win It
Medtronic Sailing Regatta
Millennium Health Olympics
Certona Survivor Team Challenge
Terumo Interventional Systems Special Ops Team Challenge
Walmart eCommerce Survivor Team Challenge
Digital Trends Team Sailing Regatta
Council Connections Challenge Course
Cognex Techno Scavenger Challenge
Molex Big Give Scavenger Challenge -
Hewlett Packard Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm Modem Systems Super Challenge
Qualcomm IP & Patents Minute to Win It
Qualcomm Graphics Team Sailing Regatta
Tecan Challenge Course
Invesco Leisure Olympics
ResMed Team Sailing Regatta
Maxwell Technologies Mission Beach Super Challenge
Genentech Leisure Olympics
Roche Diagnostics Survivor Team Challenge
Qualcomm CQE Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Intuit Super Challenge
Cox Media Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Wakeland Housing & Development Team Olympics
Nike Leisure Olympics
Qualcomm Building Services Sand Sculpture Competition
Thermo Fisher Survivor Team Challenge
Isovolta Techno Scavenger Challenge
Quintiles Sand Sculpture Competition
Illumina Engineering & Life Cycle Mgmt Techno Scavenger Challenge
Qualcomm Media Team Techno Scavenger Challenge
Solvay Novecare Leisure Olympics
Kaiser Permanente Minute to Win It
Terumo Team Sailing Regatta
Tensar Team Sailing Regatta
Illumina Shared Services Techno Scavenger Challenge
Point Loma Nazarene University Challenge Course
Qualcomm Innovation Center Boat Build & Race
SDSU EMBA XXV Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Qualcomm Connected Services Challenge Course
Qualcomm Industry Relations Team Sailing Regatta
Fairmont Preparatory Academy Survivor Challenge
US Grant Hotel Big Give Scavenger Hunt
Mecca Elementary School Old Town Scavenger Hunt
Seismic Outrigger Canoe Challenge
SIHC Survivor Team Challenge
Shen-Urquidez Family Olympics
Aldera Survivor Team Challenge
CAS Survivor Team Challenge
Watkins Manufacturing Survivor Team Challenge
Thermo Fisher Global Ops Survivor Team Challenge
Soitec Survivor Team Challenge
Equinix Boat Building and Race
BASF Survivor Team Challenge
CareFusion Minute to Win It
Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital/ Dept of Psychiatry Techno Scavenger Challenge
Irdeto Mission Beach Segway Tour
Nike Challenge Course
Vistage 9063 Leisure Olympics
Qualcomm Vuforia Team Challenge Course
USMC MAG-13 Odyssey Challenge Course
EDF Renewable Energy Team Sailing Regatta
UCSD Extension Minute to Win It
Bayer Healthcare Team Sailing Regatta
EDF Renewable Energy Techno Team Challenge
Invensys/Schneider Electric Boat Building and Race
Thermo Fisher Scientific Minute to Win It
Entrepreneurs Organization - San Diego Ropes Challenge Course
Thermo Fisher Scientific Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Valley High School Ropes Course Challenge
Thermo Fisher Scientific Southwest Team Cooking
Entrepreneurs Organization - Reno Ropes Challenge Course
Milgard Survivor Team Challenge
Linde LLC Sailing Regatta
US Bank Healthcare Division Survivor Challenge
Alere Techno Scavenger Challenge
Fugate Minute to Win It
Formula PR Island Super Challenge
Lexmark Sailing Regatta
PRA / Exxon Mobil Sand Sculpture Competition
Intuit Techno Scavenger Challenge
Sharp Healthcare Island Super Challenge
Illumina iLeap 2014 Odyssey Challenge Course
Google HR Survivor Team Challenge
Dexcom Ultimate Pizza Challenge
Cymetrix Survivor Team Challenge
WILEY Minute to Win It
Intuit Minute to Win It
Fresenius Minute to Win It
Kaiser Senior Service Reps Meeting Minute to Win It
Genentech Minute to Win It
ChiroTouch Game Show Mania
Illumina HR Big Give Scavenger
Quint Wellington Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Kaiser Permanente Anesthesiology Dept Survivor Team Challenge
Qualcomm Corp. Tools & Data Services Techno Scavenger Challenge
Dexcom Team Grand Prix
Genoptix Survivor Team Challenge
Illumina iLeap 2015 Ropes Challenge Course
Invesco Minute to Win It
Life Technologies-America Sales Minute to Win It
AbbVie UK Team Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm Graphics Team Mission Bay Super Challenge
General Mills Team Sailing Regatta
Genentech Team Sailing Regatta
Life Technologies Customer Care Minute to Win It
USD School of Business Ropes Challenge Course
Illumina Project Nova Team Survivor Team Challenge
EDF Team Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm Audio Team Techno Scavenger Challenge
Intuit Survivor Team Challenge
EMC Corp. Minute to Win It
Kaiser Permanente Managers Survivor Team Challenge
Denver Mattress Co. Boat Building
Dexcom Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm CDMA Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Gilead Team Sailing Regatta
Omnitracs Techno Scavenger Challenge
Intuit Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Qualcomm IP Bike Build
Dexcom IT Dept Techno Scavenger Challenge
Gilead - Oceanside Biologics Production Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Beckman Coulter Ropes Challenge Course
Qualcomm TDS SYS/FY Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm UIM Beach Day
SDSU EMBA XXIV Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Life Technologies Minute to Win It
Qualcomm Finance IT Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Attest Health Care Advisors Minute to Win It
TCCSC Island Scavenger Hunt
Kaiser Permanente Raft Regatta
Ardea Techno Scavenger Challenge
DEXCOM Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Venture Communications Family Olympics
Qualcomm gDEV Minute to Win It
EMD Millipore - Survivor Team Challenge
Yukevich | Cavanaugh Amazing Super Challenge
Yukevich | Cavanaugh Gameshow Mania
Qualcomm Test Equipment Dept Techno Team Challenge
Kaiser Permanente ELT Team Games
Qualcomm MEMS Team Olympics
Vistage Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm Graphics Outrigger Canoe Challenge
JBS / CA Bankruptcy Forum Cooking Demonstration
Kaiser North County Physicians Survivor Team Challenge
Kaiser East County Physicians Survivor Team Challenge
Farmers Insurance Team Sailing Regatta
Illumina Team Challenge Games
RB High School Football Coaches Leisure Olympics
Intuit Turbo Tax Team Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Kaiser South Bay Physicians Survivor Team Challenge
Kaiser Central Area Physicians Survivor Team Challenge
Intuit Bike Build
STMicroelectronics Team Cooking
Milgard Minute to Win It
The Nature Conservancy Sailing Regatta
Kaiser Associate Physicians Minute to Win It
Value Selling Associates Team Sailing Regatta
EMD Millipore Survivor Team Challenge
Life Technologies Survivor Team Challenge
Ashford University Sous Chef Showdown
National Charity League Minute to Win It
Vistage Survivor Team Challenge
Brainlab Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Novartis Diagnostics Team Sailing Regatta
Hatteras VP Minute to Win It
Certona Corp. Minute to Win It
Teledyne Impulse Leisure Olympics
Formula PR Amazing Super Challenge
Stryker Orthopaedic Paintball Challenge
Milliman Minute to Win It
SDG&E Team Sailing Regatta
Illumina iLeap Tricycle Build
ChiroTouch Minute to Win It
Mitchell International Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Ashford University Survivor Team Challenge
Maxwell Technologies Minute To Win It
Monarch School Survivor Team Challenge
Illumina Custom Team Games
Qualcomm IMS Team Techno Team Scavenger Challenge
Munger, Tolles & Olson Minute to Win It
ResMed Leisure Olympics
Petco Foundation Cocktail Competition
Deloitte Tax Leisure Olympics
Dowling & Yahnke Survivor Team Challenge
Irdeto Survivor Team Challenge
Gilead Science Minute to Win It
Regis Corp Team Sailing Regatta
Qualcomm IT Techno Scavenger Challenge
Allot Outrigger Canoe Challenge
Tosoh Minute to Win It
Sigma Kappa Survivor Challenge
Hds Survivor Team Challenge
Illumina HR Dept Minute to Win It
Tri Wellness Minute to Win It
Qualcomm ADSP Survivor Team Challenge
Illumina iLeap Minute to Win It
Qualcomm Island Scavenger Challenge
Altria Team Cooking
Audi Team Sailing Regatta
Chicken of the Sea Outrigger Canoe Challenge
BSI Team Sailing Regatta
Sharp HealthCare Physicians Island Super Challenge
Scripps College RA Program Survivor Team Challenge
SDSU / EMBA XXIII Big Give Scavenger Challenge
National Charity League Survivor Team Challenge
Stryker Medical Special Ops Team Challenge
Johnson Matthey Sailing Regatta
Whittier College Big Give Scavenger Challenge
Enterprise Survivor Team Challenge
Mitchell Leisure Olympics
Illumina Minute to Win It
Qualcomm Staffing Summer Games
Apfed Conference Teen Games
Volcano Corp Team Sailing Regatta
The Binding Site Island Super Challenge
Vistage Survivor Team Challenge
Life Technologies R&D Minute To Win It
Kisco Senior Living Minute To Win It
Qualcomm Marketing - Turnkey Team Cooking
WestPak Avocado Survivor Team Challenge
OVCDC Teen Survivor Team Challenge
Blue Buffalo Survivor Team Challenge
Emek Hebrew Academy Girls Survivor Challenge
McKesson Minute to Win It
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